Here is an Introduction to Logistics

Introduction to Logistics


You would have come across the word logistics as you read magazines or pass by some main streets or areas in your locality. Logistics is something very important for today’s world scenario and let us look into some introduction and basics about logistics. The word logistics is actually derived from a Greek word called “logos”. Logistics is nothing but implementation of the movement of information, merchandise, and other physical items or assets. The logistics is done to transfer the asset from one point to another (destination) point to meet the customers’ needs. The process of logistics includes activities such as packaging, handling of materials, warehousing, stock, etc. In today’s world, logistics can be seen in different areas such as medical, military, production and business.

The person who involves in executing the flow for logistics is called logistician, who is a certified professional to work in the area of logistics. There are some educational institutions that offer undergraduate and post-graduate courses for the logisticians.

In the field of production, logistics is done to make sure that each workstation and machine is loaded with the correct type of product in the right quantity at the right time. The objective of the logistics is not just only to transport but to ease and manage the flow by adding valuable process and also eliminating the non-valuable process.
In the field of business, the logisticians deal with either outbound logistics or inbound logistics encompassing the movement and storage of items from starting point to the destination. Some of the important activities of a qualified logistician are warehousing, inventory management, purchasing, transportation and related things.

In the area of military, the logisticians involve in managing transport asset from one point to another. The supply line is regarded as so critical in the field of military as the armed forces would become virtually armless when without the assets. In these days, logistics process are easy with the help of logistics management software.

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