Air freight Transport and Logistics – An Introduction

Introduction to Logistics

Air freight Transport and Logistics

With online shopping and worldwide shipping becoming frequent and common, the term airfreight has become something inevitable these days. If you are looking for some basic information on air freight, you can simply continue reading this post. Freight is nothing but any item that is shipped from one place to another.

Airfreight is an item that has to be shipped through air i.e. flight. The process of airfreight is dealt by passenger planes and cargo planes (both super and dedicated). Usually, special containers are used to hold the freight that is transported via airlines. These containers are designed in such a way that they easily and safely fit into the cargo hold.

A heavy electric roller is used to move the items into the cargo hold of the airplanes. These rollers have the capability to withstand and move the heavy weight. There are some cargo planes that are much bigger than usual cargo planes. These bigger cargo airlines are referred as airbuses or supercargo planes. The companies involved in arranging the logistics are air freight forwarders that can transport the item of any size and weight or the companies that handle freight less than 100 lbs.

There are also small freight handles that may transport more than 100 lbs, but they charge an extra amount than the usual freight forwarders. If you want to have your things transported swiftly and smoothly, then you should do things like correctly filling the bill with details on airway, making an invoice and list of packing which has to be shipped, etc.

Those who are utilizing the service of transport forwarder should check the details of shipment such as dimensions, weight, and final reaching point. Letting know the transport forwarder in advance help them to know what type of airplane will be ideal for transporting your freight. Right now, there are many companies to provide service for your air freight. You can browse the Internet to find the right company.

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